The Secret and The Law of Attraction: Basic Principles

“The Secret” has had phenomenal success globally and began the renewal of interest in the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you read the book, or watched the DVD, but it has been a while since it came out, so this is a recap and my personal experience of it.

Reading “The Secret” was a turning point for me. I knew some fundamentals of wealth building but I didn’t seem to be able to apply them. I was stressed at work, our flat was ant-infested and I had headaches every day. I read the book, and then watched the DVD several times …here are some of the things I learnt.

  •          You attract into your own life everything that happens. We are all energy vibrating at a certain frequency. The energy levels we give out are what we receive in return. This was an epiphany for me as I was focussing on being stressed and miserable, which I continued to attract. I was stuck in that miserable job rut.


  •          If you want to change your results, change your energy. When I realised the power of my focus was keeping me in that stressed state, I changed my energy. I started focussing on what I wanted for work, and the positives in my life. I tried to keep my energy positive, playing upbeat music if things were bad, and changing my feelings deliberately instead of being miserable. Within a few months, I was out of that job and in a new one with less hours, more money and no stress. That gave me the time to work on other projects.
  •          Thoughts become things. Focus and act on them and they will happen. This principle has to be augmented by the law of gestation – everything takes time to grow, and will not just miraculously appear in front of you right now. It has to be focussed thought over time, as well as energy applied.
  •          To attract wealth, you need to feel wealthy now.  Start changing your self-talk to positive views on money. Start educating yourself so money is not a dirty word, or a subject that confuses you. Focus on abundance. Give of what you have, and make room for more to flow in.
  •          Be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful positive thought and by being thankful for what you have now; you will become more positive about the future. Say thank-you to God or the Universe every day for even the little things you are grateful for.
  •          Be alert for opportunity and take it when it appears. Once you start focussing on what you want for your future and being grateful for the present, opportunities will arise that just weren’t there before. Call it synchronicity, or fate, or the Universe, or chance – but it does happen. You need to jump at these opportunities. If you want that future, take those chances. You have your goal, pursue it and the way will be made clear as you move towards it.

One of the criticisms of “The Secret” is that it is too simplistic and seems to be just about “positive thinking” with no practical application. It does describe the law of attraction as a way of thinking, but it also encourages action in the pursuit of your dream.

For me, it was just a starting point. I went on to read material by the teachers in the book (which I will also be reviewing over the next months), and I started to apply the principles and act on my ideas. I began to believe I could make a change, and that enabled me to carry on and implement ideas I had. 

 “The Secret” will give you a foundation to start along the path. Wealth is a process, and takes time, during which you will learn and grow.

“Set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it
you become someone worth becoming”
Jim Rohn

I recommend that you watch “The Secret”, be inspired and start thinking about the principles it teaches.  You can buy “The Secret” at

You can watch the trailer of the movie at

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2 Responses to “The Secret and The Law of Attraction: Basic Principles”

  1. jameskilgarriff Says:

    Like you I found the Secret a good jump point into the Law of Attraction. As Jim Rohn says – it is not what you are getting that is important, it is who you are becoming in the process. I think this is a fundamental part in the attraction process – being leads to having and doing. So being in a state of abundance magnetises the doing and having of abundance. Thanks… James

  2. Joanna Penn Says:

    Thanks James – the process is absolutely important. The end point is no fun without the journey, the planning and the excitement beforehand!

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