Setting and Achieving Goals is a Key to Success


Smaller goals can help you reach your dreams

Smaller goals can help you reach your dreams

Goal setting is contentious as it seems to depend on the personality type and people have different opinions as to what is useful.

I am a chronic goal setter. I love writing goals, I love ticking them off the list. I have huge big lifetime goals (to be a self-help author), and I have little daily ones (my to do list).

I have perennial goals (maintaining my weight and fitness) , and ones that I have achieved and never need to revisit ( see the pyramids and tombs Egypt).

Some people achieve amazing things in their lives with no apparent goal setting process. But I am not one of these people, and most success books and programs will use goal setting in their approach. So here are some of my thoughts on goal setting and achieving.

  • Goals give a target to aim for and a specific date to achieve them by. They focus the mind and allow your ‘mental filters’ to adapt to new possible realities. 
  • Dreaming about possibilities is important as it gives you somewhere to aim for ultimately, but goal setting is a more practical activity that actually maps the path to achievement. You can have a huge dream, but lots of little goals to achieve on the way to that dream. The picture above graphically illustrates this.
  • Write your Main Goal and your smaller goals in simple language that are easy to understand and remember. Word it in a positive way e.g. “I will be….” Or “I will have …” . Writing goals down is important as it helps you make it concrete and real. It is also there to be reread in the future when you will realise how much you achieved.  

  • Your goal must be measurable so you know when you have achieved it. It can’t be a matter of opinion as to whether you have achieved it.   

  • You should have a time limit by which you will achieve the goal. I set my time limits and strive to achieve by then, but I do not beat myself up if I don’t reach it by then. 
  • Speak your Main Goal and the specific goal you are working on right now either out loud or in your head every day. Speak with confidence. This confidence is important even if you don’t feel it at first, because the more you get used to the words and the ideas, the more you will feel that it will happen. 
  • Be thankful for the achievement of your goal before you have even achieved it. Know that you will achieve it. Be grateful for the opportunities it will give you and feel the excitement of having achieved it already. This may sound strange but it helps you to grow a confidence you might not have otherwise.  


“Set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it, you become someone worth becoming.”

Jim Rohn

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