About Joanna Penn…and this blog

I love self-development! I love success, wealth and self-help books and I love to share what I am learning with like-minded people who are interested in the same topics.

I listen to wealth and success audio programs, I go to seminars and I belong to monthly programs with success gurus. I love all this stuff and I write copious notes on it all. 

So this is my addiction!
My aim for the blog is to become a reviewer of wealth and success programs, books and events so that people can find the ones that really work best.  

I am continuing to learn about wealth and success, so my blog will be all the things I learn and hopefully it will help you along the way!

I am a business consultant and author living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – although I am British. 

I have published “How to Enjoy Your Job” – and you can get a free e-workbook here.

I have also launched How to be An Author – aimed at helping first time authors get their books out. There is another free workbook available here at www.HowToBeAnAuthor.com. 

I am also launching other online businesses, but am in the beginning stages of learning about it. No doubt there will be posts about my journey here! 

I have a degree in Theology from Mansfield College, University of Oxford, UK and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from University of Auckland, New Zealand. I love books, writing,  scuba diving, travel, architecture and explosion movies! 

You can find me on Facebook , LinkedInDocStoc (where I load lots of free documents) and YouTube

Come and say hi!

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