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Marketing genius Seth Godin says “Start”

October 25, 2008

Seth Godin is a success by any measure, a thought leader, a marketing genius and so prolific! Josh Spears posted this blog interview today with Seth, which is brilliant so I thought I would share it on.

What I learnt from Seth in particular: 

  • Ideas have to be “a purple cow” i.e. they have to stand out, be remarkable and noteworthy. Nobody wants boring. “The purple cow is rare because people are afraid. If you are remarkable, some people won’t like you. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” 
  • The Ideavirus was an e-book he launched as a viral book and it got round the net pretty fast – packed with interesting ideas in itself, and free
  • Permission marketing means only telling people who are interested in your product. Simple, yet brilliant stuff. No one needs spam. Treat people well, have a brilliant product and they will buy from you. 
  • His book, “The Big Moo” has a collection of essays from various people who are not identified. It’s very cool to try and guess who wrote what – my favourite section is “They say I’m extreme” which is a challenging poem “Everything has already changed. Tomorrow is the first day of your revolution…or you’re toast.”
  • His social media platform is great with search engines so build a page for your passion or go rate other lenses – you can check out my lens for my book “How to Enjoy Your Job” here 

  You can find out all about Seth Godin at his website or his blog.