Surround yourself with inspirational people

October 16, 2008

Yesterday I went to the Women’s Network Australia lunch and had my monthly dose of inspirational networking. In the midst of economic turmoil, this bunch of women (and some men) were full of positive business stories, opportunity and charitable giving.

It reminded me that we become who we associate with the most. 
“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” Jack Canfield 

If you surround yourself with people who are miserable, negative and down on life, then it will inevitably affect you. If you associate with people who are positive, achieving and supportive, then you will be enthused with energy as well. 

Some of the inspirational women I met up with yesterday included: 

  • Bernadette from Mummys Wish, who survived cancer herself and now runs a charity for mums with cancer
  • Tanya from Mboldn, who wants to change the workplace and empower people to change their working lives
  • Leonie from Dimension Communications, who can help you transform your communications
  • Michaela from Young Organics, whose yummy organic cookie I happily munched on
  • Jodi from Boutique Money Management, whose financial savvy helps people control their money

There were over 60 other women there, all with inspirational ideas and business plans. I look forward to going every month, and always come away with new ideas and new people to catch up with outside the group.
Here is your challenge for the day: 

  • Which 5 people do you spend the most time with? 
  • How do they affect your energy? 
  • Do you spend time networking with inspirational people – in person or online? 

Take action and find a networking group near you that will inspire you regularly. It will make a difference to your energy levels and your idea flow.


Tim Ferriss: 4 Hour Work Week Video Review

October 15, 2008

If you haven’t heard of this book, then you definitely need to watch this video!

Some top quotes and ideas from the book:

  • Lifestyle Design.  You don’t have to live the high stress, long hours life. You can assess the lifestyle you want and then design it. You don’t have to work all your life to sit on a beach at 65…you can go sit on one now for very little money. 
  • Outsource as much as possible. Weigh up how much time you spend on things. Automate them. Outsource them. Pay other people to do them if it gives you more time. Spend $30 on a cleaner once a week and spend a few hours with the family. Get someone from to write your articles for you. Virtual assistants are the way forward. [Note from JP: I have used several since reading this book and they are brilliant]
  • Be, do , have. Decide what you want in your life. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? and then get on with achieving it. Life is too short to be stuck in the office. Set extreme goals that are worth achieving. Question everything. 
  • What are you passionate and excited about? Go do that.
  • Elimination. Have a “not to do” list and make sure you don’t do it. Don’t watch TV. Cut down your email to once a day (and then once a week). Don’t waste time being busy. Be productive in less time and spend the difference achieving your splendid goals. 
  • Find your muse. Discover a way to make money by virtual and outsourced means and free up your time to do what you love. This may take time to achieve, but you can make a plan and achieve it, so you can live a freer life. 
  • Empower people to make decisions without you. So you can have free time.
  • If you don’t set the rules, they will be set for you. 
  • Living more is the objective. 
  • Know what you will do with this abundance of time. Look at your passions and missions. Move from a life of survival to one of passion and excitement. 
  • Experiences override possessions every time. Live life, don’t postpone it. 

I found this book inspirational and it is JAM-PACKED with information and links to great sites. 

Tim’s own site is here and it has calculators for your new life, and all kinds of free information to get you started =>

Tim also has a great blog – check it out here =>

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs: Dan Kennedy

October 13, 2008

I like Dan Kennedy. He manages to say what he thinks, offend people and they still pay him tons of cash because he knows his stuff. He really is no B.S. Saying that, I have heard audios of him speak and they have been incredibly boring. Perhaps it is the age gap…but I do love his books! 

Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs

Here are my key points from his latest book “No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Guide to Really Getting Rich”. I thought I had read enough wealth books, but no, there is always more to learn! If I can still take notes, then there is definitely new material to learn from.

  • If you believe on any level that wealth is limited, you will be held back. If you can make these beliefs go away, you will turn your attraction to wealth on full power. [Personal note: This may be difficult in the present financial situation, but be hopeful and view it as a restructuring of wealth; not a loss]
  • “Entrepreneurial success and wealth creation require a willingness to risk and experience failure and the emotional resiliency to recover from it quickly, decisively, passionately, and persistently”
  • Hardly anyone gets to success in a straight line. Keep heading in the general direction and adjust along the way.  
  • Break free of the money-work link. Money does not have to be earned hard – but can be earned smart. Do more in less time. 
  • Wealth will not find you sitting in front of the TV. Get out there. Be seen. Make opportunities. Take action. 
  • Any decision is better than no decision. It is easier to change direction once you are moving. Zigzagging is a good way to get to a goal. 
  • Keep the income flow. Do something to “prime the pump” every day, and then you won’t be left with a dry period of less income. 
  • Expose yourself to all kinds of other markets and stimuli. Be open to using ideas from other industries. Read. Associate with like-minded people and successful entrepreneurs. 
  • Wealth is attracted to clarity. Clarity of the income level you expect. Clarity of how much your net worth will increase. Clarity in what you want. Clarity on the reasons why you want what you do. Clarity on what you don’t want. 
  • You need a clear, vivid mental picture of what your business life should look like. You should also have detailed, constantly updated plans. Clarity allows your conscious and unconscious to work in tandem. 
  • Be cautious of need. Money likes independence. Don’t expand your “need” e.g. don’t expand your overheads. 
  • Wealth and value and real integrity are all linked together. Anyone trying to get more wealth without providing more value is dishonest and unethical and immoral, and is attempting to defy the fundamental laws of life”
  • Your behaviour must be congruent with your goals. Don’t bullshit yourself! 
  • Mark Victor Hansen “The more aligned you are with the things you want, the more powerfully you attract them.” The things you congruently want have no choice but to be attracted to you. 
  • Act like a rich person. Save 10%. Give 10% away. Wealthy people do both those things.
  • Money moves on courage. You need to courage to act early, to not listen to others, to screw up, to pursue crazy goals, to ask, to ignore criticism. 
  • Don’t over-emphasise making money. Pay attention to investing, preserving and multiplying money. Income varies but growth happens when income turns into equity. Income is spent. Equity is invested. [Related post here: Its not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep]
  • Jim Rohn “Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book”. Invest in your education. 

This book is packed with great examples – and what I need to learn is not what you need to learn! So this book is recommended! You can buy it from Amazon here.

Make more money: 6 ways to generate income online

October 11, 2008

The media is full of economic meltdown and it may seem like the sky is falling in. But there are ways you can still make some money in the downturn without investing much of your own up front.

  1. Write a blog and monetise it. Some people are making serious money online using their blogs, which are free to start and post to. You just need to add regular content and find ways to make money from your blog. You can use Adsense or become an affiliate for other people by recommending their goods. You need to blog about something you are passionate about and interested in, otherwise you will get bored and stop blogging, so choose carefully.      

  2. Write an e-book and sell it online. Ebooks are just electronic versions of books. They are generally in PDF format and can cost the same as, or more than print books depending on how valuable the content is. If you are an expert in something people will pay money for, try writing and selling your own e-book.        

  3. Sell your spare stuff on eBay. With people having less money to spend, and credit becoming rare, people will be buying more second-hand goods on eBay. Go round your house and find anything you have not used for 6 months. Check out your closets, drawers, garage, and the study. Take some digital photos and get that stuff out the door and some extra cash in your bank account.      

  4. Become a freelancer online – or become a Virtual Assistant. It is a global market and it is often cheaper to find someone online to provide a service than it is to find someone in your area. Check out Elance online. You can register as a provider and work from your own home at hours that suit you.        

  5.  Write reviews and be an Amazon affiliate. You can join up with Amazon, create your own store and be receiving commission as soon as people buy through your links. If you love reviewing books or other goods, then this might bring in some more income.       

  6. Write articles that advertise other affiliates. An article online is 500-700 words that other people may find interesting. You can receive affiliate commission income if people buy products through your affiliate links. Find a product you like. Join up as an affiliate. Write articles to promote them. Post articles online. 

[Personal note: I am currently trying all of these. But remember, even if you are making more money – you need to keep it in order to build your wealth.]

It’s not how much you earn – it’s how much you keep

October 8, 2008

All wealth books talk about paying yourself first. Put aside money whenever you receive any income. Make that amount a set percentage every week, every month and whenever you receive money ad hoc. 

For years after I first read those books, I nodded and agreed but did not take action. Months go by and if you don’t put anything aside, the money is whittled away. By the end of the month, you have nothing left (or for many people, you have minus nothing left with credit card debt).

When I finally decided to start paying myself first and putting that money aside BEFORE paying bills, I realised how powerful an action it really is. 

If you want to kickstart your wealth and your freedom, you MUST pay yourself first. 

It goes like this: 

  • Money comes into your bank account 
  • Immediately move 10% of that into an account that you call “Cash” or “Abundance” or “Freedom” or whatever you want – but make sure you only put money INTO that account. You can move it into investment and wealth creation accounts, but it is not for paying bills or spending. It is not a Savings account that you will spend on a holiday. 
  • Pay bills from the balance. Do not dip into that account. 

You may say you can’t afford it – but actually, you can’t afford not to do it. 

It is not about how much you earn, but how much you keep. 

If I earn $500 per week and put away $50 per week, I will have $2600 in that account at the end of the year. Maybe that is all the wealth I have, but I have that. 

If I earn $2500 per week and put away nothing, but I spend it all on having fun, buying stuff and going out a lot, I end up with nothing at the end of the year. The person who earnt less, but who kept more is the winner. 

Add on the interest on that account, and that money will grow. 

I am now fanatical about my 10% account – it has become a habit I will not stop. In just over a year of doing this I have seen how effective this approach is.

This blog is about sharing with you what works when it comes to wealth and success.

Well, this does work. So please try paying yourself first this next pay cheque, put that money aside and start your wealth account.

Bob Proctor “You Were Born Rich”: Book Review

October 7, 2008

Bob Proctor is featured in “The Secret” but he has been teaching wealth for a long time. I read his book “You Were Born Rich” and the following messages stood out.

  •          Prosperity consciousness. Identify how you really feel about money. Look at the words you use, how your parents brought you up, what you think rich people are like. Look at the results your attitudes have brought you so far. You need to change your thoughts about money if you are to change your life. Abundance is in your thoughts (you were born with this wealth). You cannot have physical wealth until it exists in your mind.

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream” Vincent Van Gogh


  •          “Remove the lid from your marvellous mind with respect to your own earning ability.” Understand that you don’t need to know how it will happen. You need to see the idea you want to make happen, regardless of whether you think earning that much is a “reality”. If you continue to think you can only earn $50,000, then that is all you will earn. If you set your goal much higher, you remove the limits in your head, and that will reflect in your life.
  •          The seed planted will grow in time. Don’t keep changing your mind about what you want. Keep focussing and putting your energy into it and it will come to fruition.
  •          Start now. Don’t put off the changes until you “have the time” or “have the money”. You will not have either unless you make the time.


  •          Specific wealth recommendations.   Set up a savings account. Get life insurance. Pay yourself first (10%). Set up orderly debt repayment.


  •          Money must circulate, it needs to flow. To you, and from you. Love people and use money. The “vacuum law of prosperity” means that you have to make room in your life for the new by getting rid of the old. Give of yourself and your money, and it will come back to you. Let go of old ideas, and pick up new ones.


  •          Persistence. Belief that whatever needs to happen to help you get there will happen. Persist even when people think you are crazy or misled. Success often happens one step beyond failure.


  •          Take more risks towards the goal you want. “What is the razor’s edge for you – the one step every day that will get you closer to where you want to be? To make you better than you are today?”

You can buy “You Were Born Rich” at

You can get more information on Bob Proctor here

Rich Women: 10 reasons you need to join the club

October 6, 2008

There is gender inequality in global wealth. Men earn more money. Men invest more money. Men save more money. Men run more companies. Yet women live longer and 50% of marriages end in divorce, so women will be alone at some point in their lives. 3 out of 4 elderly women live in poverty, but most weren’t poor when their men were alive. With the economy slowing down, it is more important than ever to become wealthy.
Here are 10 reasons you need to become a rich woman.  

  1. Independence. Learning to create and control money will release you from dependence on any one person, or the government.
  2. Self-esteem. If you learn how to be financially independent, you will grow in self-confidence and this will enhance your relationships at all levels. You can look after yourself and your family financially.
  3. Protection of you and yours. In these times of economic doubt, protection of your home and your assets is critical. Creating wealth and understanding money will help protect what you have already.
  4. Providing for your family. New ways of creating multiple streams of income can help you enhance life for all the family.
  5. Live the life of your dreams. With the wealth you create, you can have that fantastic house, amazing new car and travel when you like. You can send the kids to the best college, and have that new wardrobe. You can live the life of your dreams.
  6. Equality. Why should men make all the money? Women are good investors and money managers, as well as great entrepreneurs. We just have some catching up to do.
  7. Giving. When you have money, you can give more away. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett gave more to charity than whole countries can earn. The richer you are, the more you can give.
  8. Freedom and choice. If you are wealthy, you have the choice over what you do with your time, and your life. You have the freedom to work at what you want, to travel when you want, to spend what you want. You have choices that you do not have now.
  9. For your future. There won’t be a government pension for most people, or it will be so little it will mean life on the poverty line. If you want to have a future worth looking forward to, you need to ensure you are financially secure.
  10. Just to prove you can do it! Maybe you have always wanted to be rich, you just didn’t know how to do it. Challenge yourself. Find out how and take action!

Talking about money

October 5, 2008

Talking about money is difficult for many people, especially those of us brought up NOT to talk about it. It seems these days that talking about sex is easier than talking about cash. People also seem to be happier talking about how much debt they are in, than discussing their money-making ideas and investments.

Studies show that money is one of the main areas of friction in relationships – couples, marriages, friends and family. If you are not on the same level about money, talking about it is even more difficult. People bring a lot of baggage when they think or talk about money. How their parents talked about money (or didn’t) will have a big effect, as will their current level of financial education.

Here are some things to think about – compare your answers to those of your partner/ friends.

  •          What are your financial goals? Do you have any? In what timeframe will you achieve those goals?
  •          What is your financial personality? Are you a saver or a spender? Are you interested in investing? Are you a risk-taker or do you like slow steady investments? Do you want to get rich quick or are you content with a slow, steady approach?
  •          How do you manage money day to day? Do you know how much you are worth? Do you buy budget in the supermarket and save? Do you pay the bills early to get the discount? Do you have a lot of items on credit/ hire purchase? Do you have car repayments?
  •          What is your level of financial education? Compare that to your partner/spouse or friends. Are you interested in learning more?
  •          Do you want to invest in your financial education? Will you be able to spend money on seminars or programs that will improve your financial future, or do you have to explain the reasons why to your partner? Would they rather spend the money on entertainment or a holiday?
  •          “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with” Jack Canfield. Are all your friends broke? Do they inspire you to want to earn more, create more wealth? Do you talk about business opportunities or investments? Do you want to hang out with some other wealthy people?

If you want to be wealthy, then these are questions you have to discuss with your partner. If you have different wealth goals, it makes it that much harder to get there.

So, stop reading and go talk to your partner/ flatmate / friend… what do they really feel and think about money?

The Secret and The Law of Attraction: Basic Principles

October 3, 2008

“The Secret” has had phenomenal success globally and began the renewal of interest in the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you read the book, or watched the DVD, but it has been a while since it came out, so this is a recap and my personal experience of it.

Reading “The Secret” was a turning point for me. I knew some fundamentals of wealth building but I didn’t seem to be able to apply them. I was stressed at work, our flat was ant-infested and I had headaches every day. I read the book, and then watched the DVD several times …here are some of the things I learnt.

  •          You attract into your own life everything that happens. We are all energy vibrating at a certain frequency. The energy levels we give out are what we receive in return. This was an epiphany for me as I was focussing on being stressed and miserable, which I continued to attract. I was stuck in that miserable job rut.


  •          If you want to change your results, change your energy. When I realised the power of my focus was keeping me in that stressed state, I changed my energy. I started focussing on what I wanted for work, and the positives in my life. I tried to keep my energy positive, playing upbeat music if things were bad, and changing my feelings deliberately instead of being miserable. Within a few months, I was out of that job and in a new one with less hours, more money and no stress. That gave me the time to work on other projects.
  •          Thoughts become things. Focus and act on them and they will happen. This principle has to be augmented by the law of gestation – everything takes time to grow, and will not just miraculously appear in front of you right now. It has to be focussed thought over time, as well as energy applied.
  •          To attract wealth, you need to feel wealthy now.  Start changing your self-talk to positive views on money. Start educating yourself so money is not a dirty word, or a subject that confuses you. Focus on abundance. Give of what you have, and make room for more to flow in.
  •          Be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful positive thought and by being thankful for what you have now; you will become more positive about the future. Say thank-you to God or the Universe every day for even the little things you are grateful for.
  •          Be alert for opportunity and take it when it appears. Once you start focussing on what you want for your future and being grateful for the present, opportunities will arise that just weren’t there before. Call it synchronicity, or fate, or the Universe, or chance – but it does happen. You need to jump at these opportunities. If you want that future, take those chances. You have your goal, pursue it and the way will be made clear as you move towards it.

One of the criticisms of “The Secret” is that it is too simplistic and seems to be just about “positive thinking” with no practical application. It does describe the law of attraction as a way of thinking, but it also encourages action in the pursuit of your dream.

For me, it was just a starting point. I went on to read material by the teachers in the book (which I will also be reviewing over the next months), and I started to apply the principles and act on my ideas. I began to believe I could make a change, and that enabled me to carry on and implement ideas I had. 

 “The Secret” will give you a foundation to start along the path. Wealth is a process, and takes time, during which you will learn and grow.

“Set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it
you become someone worth becoming”
Jim Rohn

I recommend that you watch “The Secret”, be inspired and start thinking about the principles it teaches.  You can buy “The Secret” at

You can watch the trailer of the movie at

Why is it important to be wealthy?

October 2, 2008

This blog centres around learning about wealth and success, but why is it important to be wealthy anyway?

  •          Freedom and choice. Working every day for the money to pay the bills stops most people from doing something they love. Being wealthy enables choice of lifestyle and choice of work, travel and fun. People don’t want to stop working completely, they just want to do something enjoyable.
  •          Ability to provide. We all want to be able to provide for our families, especially in times of need. Wealth enables us to have the choice to help our family. Do you want to pay off your parent’s mortgage? Pay for their healthcare? Put your children through college?  
  •          Ability to give. Very wealthy people give a great deal of money to charity. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation now has an endowment of approximately $37 billion, after Warren Buffett contributed his wealth to the cause in 2006. Even if the average person gives a high percentage to charity, they can never match the giving of the super-rich. If you want to give a great deal, make a lot of money and then give it away!
  •          No one else is going to look after you. The financial markets are currently wiping out government investments as well as private ones. The baby boomers are followed by the smaller X and Y generations who cannot earn enough to pay taxes to fund the government pensions. The truth is – there will not be a government pension for most of us. What little is available will not be enough to live on. It is your own responsibility to look after yourself and your future, so you owe it to yourself to become wealthy.
  •          Become the best person you can be. If you consider wealth to be in all areas of your life, then you will become a better person if you pursue it. Emotional, relational, health, financial and spiritual wealth are all important in your life, and in a lifetime of learning, you can improve on all these areas.  

What are your reasons for wanting to be wealthy?
If you don’t have a good reason, it is unlikely that you will get there. 

This blog is dedicated to learning about wealth and sharing it with you.  Please do let me know any topics you would like to learn about.