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Make more money: 6 ways to generate income online

October 11, 2008

The media is full of economic meltdown and it may seem like the sky is falling in. But there are ways you can still make some money in the downturn without investing much of your own up front.

  1. Write a blog and monetise it. Some people are making serious money online using their blogs, which are free to start and post to. You just need to add regular content and find ways to make money from your blog. You can use Adsense or become an affiliate for other people by recommending their goods. You need to blog about something you are passionate about and interested in, otherwise you will get bored and stop blogging, so choose carefully.      

  2. Write an e-book and sell it online. Ebooks are just electronic versions of books. They are generally in PDF format and can cost the same as, or more than print books depending on how valuable the content is. If you are an expert in something people will pay money for, try writing and selling your own e-book.        

  3. Sell your spare stuff on eBay. With people having less money to spend, and credit becoming rare, people will be buying more second-hand goods on eBay. Go round your house and find anything you have not used for 6 months. Check out your closets, drawers, garage, and the study. Take some digital photos and get that stuff out the door and some extra cash in your bank account.      

  4. Become a freelancer online – or become a Virtual Assistant. It is a global market and it is often cheaper to find someone online to provide a service than it is to find someone in your area. Check out Elance online. You can register as a provider and work from your own home at hours that suit you.        

  5.  Write reviews and be an Amazon affiliate. You can join up with Amazon, create your own store and be receiving commission as soon as people buy through your links. If you love reviewing books or other goods, then this might bring in some more income.       

  6. Write articles that advertise other affiliates. An article online is 500-700 words that other people may find interesting. You can receive affiliate commission income if people buy products through your affiliate links. Find a product you like. Join up as an affiliate. Write articles to promote them. Post articles online. 

[Personal note: I am currently trying all of these. But remember, even if you are making more money – you need to keep it in order to build your wealth.]