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New Book “Living An Abundant Life” Featuring International Success Teachers

October 27, 2008

Are you interested in the Law of Attraction?

Are you a fan of the great success teachers, including Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy and Neale Donald Walsch?

Do you enjoy reading inspirational stories of people who have turned their life around and achieved abundance? 

This new book, “Living an Abundant Life” is packed with success stories, tips and strategies for changing your life and manifesting abundance in all areas. 




Here are some of the bits I especially enjoyed in the book

  • Brian Tracy has a chapter on “Be an Optimist at All Times”. He discusses the way you need to see situations in order to remain positive so you can develop self-confidence and be unstoppable in what you want out of life! 
  • Jack Canfield, author of “The Success Principles” and Mark Victor Hansen discuss Habits and how to use them to change your future. If you want to be financially independent, then you need to change your money habits. You need to have a “no exception policy” where you commit to the new habit and just do it! You can determine the quality of your life by changing your habits. 
  • Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations with God”  has a chapter on “A Few Words About Life”. He talks about opening yourself up to discernment, to understanding that what you see is not true reality, but a reality that you construct. If you learn this way of thinking, you will be able to see the opportunities hidden in the problems you face today. 
  • An inspirational story of how a New Zealand couple are using their spare time to build a real estate portfolio that will enable them to retire early. They focus on creating wealth while continuing to do their day jobs as well. 
  • Think of you and your life as a garden. Do you have dark and shady places? riotous colour and flowers? zen water features and calm soothing tones? How would you like your garden to be? This brilliant chapter likens life to a garden that we need to tend so it blooms perfectly. You can turn your out of control jungle into a beautiful thriving paradise. The author, Lizzy Yates, encourages an active thought process for mapping out how you want your garden to be. Cultivate your garden with vision boards, workshops, education, life coaching, meditation, journaling and motivation. 
  • Dr Wayne Dyer’s chapter contains 12 specific tools for de-cluttering your life and allowing inspiration in. It includes slowing down… “There is more to life than increasing its speed” – Gandhi
  • The inspirational story of the retirees who took off for a round-the-world trip to 33 countries in one year – abundance is more than just material wealth! 
  • How Sandy Forster went from welfare to millionaire using the Law of Attraction – ask, receive, be grateful and act!
  • Goals are dreams with deadlines. Dream big and go for what inspires you. Then make your goals SMARTER – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound, Exciting and Rewarding. Choose your attitude actively and consciously. Make it creative, positive and open as attitudes are the essence of success. 
  • How to achieve business success through tough times by trusting your own voice and creativity, change thought patterns to focus on the positive and go for adventure in your life! How one writer started a quality magazine and set up an organisation of women yacht racing for charity
  • A lovely story about one woman’s move from people massage and healing, to pet massage. Her wonderful chapter is about how the energy we give off in life affects our pets health as well as our own. They can be a reflection of our true health.  
  • How one brave woman moved from a life of domestic abuse to one of abundance and happiness, after reading books on success and life change. 
  • How to believe and take action in order to achieve your dreams and make them a reality. Listen when your body tells you that what you are doing is bad for you. If stress, long hours and bad diet are wearing you down, then you need to listen and find out what you really want to do. 

You can find out more information, or buy the book here => 

NB. Yes, I am also a featured author in the book! You can read my story here.

Bob Proctor “You Were Born Rich”: Book Review

October 7, 2008

Bob Proctor is featured in “The Secret” but he has been teaching wealth for a long time. I read his book “You Were Born Rich” and the following messages stood out.

  •          Prosperity consciousness. Identify how you really feel about money. Look at the words you use, how your parents brought you up, what you think rich people are like. Look at the results your attitudes have brought you so far. You need to change your thoughts about money if you are to change your life. Abundance is in your thoughts (you were born with this wealth). You cannot have physical wealth until it exists in your mind.

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream” Vincent Van Gogh


  •          “Remove the lid from your marvellous mind with respect to your own earning ability.” Understand that you don’t need to know how it will happen. You need to see the idea you want to make happen, regardless of whether you think earning that much is a “reality”. If you continue to think you can only earn $50,000, then that is all you will earn. If you set your goal much higher, you remove the limits in your head, and that will reflect in your life.
  •          The seed planted will grow in time. Don’t keep changing your mind about what you want. Keep focussing and putting your energy into it and it will come to fruition.
  •          Start now. Don’t put off the changes until you “have the time” or “have the money”. You will not have either unless you make the time.


  •          Specific wealth recommendations.   Set up a savings account. Get life insurance. Pay yourself first (10%). Set up orderly debt repayment.


  •          Money must circulate, it needs to flow. To you, and from you. Love people and use money. The “vacuum law of prosperity” means that you have to make room in your life for the new by getting rid of the old. Give of yourself and your money, and it will come back to you. Let go of old ideas, and pick up new ones.


  •          Persistence. Belief that whatever needs to happen to help you get there will happen. Persist even when people think you are crazy or misled. Success often happens one step beyond failure.


  •          Take more risks towards the goal you want. “What is the razor’s edge for you – the one step every day that will get you closer to where you want to be? To make you better than you are today?”

You can buy “You Were Born Rich” at

You can get more information on Bob Proctor here

The Secret and The Law of Attraction: Basic Principles

October 3, 2008

“The Secret” has had phenomenal success globally and began the renewal of interest in the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you read the book, or watched the DVD, but it has been a while since it came out, so this is a recap and my personal experience of it.

Reading “The Secret” was a turning point for me. I knew some fundamentals of wealth building but I didn’t seem to be able to apply them. I was stressed at work, our flat was ant-infested and I had headaches every day. I read the book, and then watched the DVD several times …here are some of the things I learnt.

  •          You attract into your own life everything that happens. We are all energy vibrating at a certain frequency. The energy levels we give out are what we receive in return. This was an epiphany for me as I was focussing on being stressed and miserable, which I continued to attract. I was stuck in that miserable job rut.


  •          If you want to change your results, change your energy. When I realised the power of my focus was keeping me in that stressed state, I changed my energy. I started focussing on what I wanted for work, and the positives in my life. I tried to keep my energy positive, playing upbeat music if things were bad, and changing my feelings deliberately instead of being miserable. Within a few months, I was out of that job and in a new one with less hours, more money and no stress. That gave me the time to work on other projects.
  •          Thoughts become things. Focus and act on them and they will happen. This principle has to be augmented by the law of gestation – everything takes time to grow, and will not just miraculously appear in front of you right now. It has to be focussed thought over time, as well as energy applied.
  •          To attract wealth, you need to feel wealthy now.  Start changing your self-talk to positive views on money. Start educating yourself so money is not a dirty word, or a subject that confuses you. Focus on abundance. Give of what you have, and make room for more to flow in.
  •          Be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful positive thought and by being thankful for what you have now; you will become more positive about the future. Say thank-you to God or the Universe every day for even the little things you are grateful for.
  •          Be alert for opportunity and take it when it appears. Once you start focussing on what you want for your future and being grateful for the present, opportunities will arise that just weren’t there before. Call it synchronicity, or fate, or the Universe, or chance – but it does happen. You need to jump at these opportunities. If you want that future, take those chances. You have your goal, pursue it and the way will be made clear as you move towards it.

One of the criticisms of “The Secret” is that it is too simplistic and seems to be just about “positive thinking” with no practical application. It does describe the law of attraction as a way of thinking, but it also encourages action in the pursuit of your dream.

For me, it was just a starting point. I went on to read material by the teachers in the book (which I will also be reviewing over the next months), and I started to apply the principles and act on my ideas. I began to believe I could make a change, and that enabled me to carry on and implement ideas I had. 

 “The Secret” will give you a foundation to start along the path. Wealth is a process, and takes time, during which you will learn and grow.

“Set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it
you become someone worth becoming”
Jim Rohn

I recommend that you watch “The Secret”, be inspired and start thinking about the principles it teaches.  You can buy “The Secret” at

You can watch the trailer of the movie at