Women only: Would you like to grow your wealth?

For Women Only: Would you like to grow your wealth? 

A few years ago, I went to see a financial planner to talk about finances as I had been working for 8 years and had nothing to show for it (although I had great holidays!). I was sick of being broke all the time and I wanted to know what I could do to improve my situation. Maybe you are in the same place right now?

He got out his yellow pad, and asked me some questions:

  • How much do you earn per month? How much do you spend per month? 
  • How much do you save? 
  • What investments do you have? 
  • What pension/superannuation do you have? 

My answers were not great, and I was embarassed even to be there. After he realised that I really had no money, but that I was keen on learning more – he told me to go away and read a few books, learn about money and investments and come back when I had started with the basics of wealth building. The first book he recommended was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which I believe has changed my life. 

It started me on the journey of learning about money and wealth, and that journey continues today. I read a lot of books, but I have also joined a program that teaches more about money and wealth and has other added benefits: 

  • Practical strategies to build wealth – including detail on property investment, tax and estate planning, asset protection and share investing. 
  • Information on how to build an online business – including web building, online sales, and becoming an author
  • Weekly teleseminars on all these topics – including detailed Q&A sessions if you don’t understand the topic. You can send in questions or ask them live on the call.  There are even call schedules for the different regions as it is a global program. 
  • Teaching on the mindset of being wealthy – if you cannot imagine it, it won’t happen. You need the persistence and inspiration to reach for your dreams and this part of the program ensures you stay focussed on abundance and wealth consciousness. It also teaches the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to manifest a life of your dreams. 
  • Networking and support with other women – sometimes it can be difficult trying to change your mindset or implement the practical strategies on your own. There is an online forum where you can discuss issues, and also a network of supportive women who are ALL trying to improve themselves financially as well. You will make great friends and perhaps even joint venture partners! 
  • Weekend Conferences – It is fantastic to actually meet in person, so several times a year there are conferences held in the US and Australia. These weekends are for learning more in depth knowledge about wealth building, the millionaire mindset and detailed strategies. They are also for networking and inspiration – it is amazing what some women are achieving! 
  • Learning materials and resources to get you started on your journey to wealth. When you join the program, you will receive a number of books, audios and workbooks to help you get started. This can kick-off the learning process so you can join in the calls and teleseminars even if you are at the beginning of the journey. 

I have learnt a great deal from the program and continue to learn in the weekly teleseminars, as well as looking forward to the weekend events which challenge at many levels. In the last year of being in it, I have started a 10% cash account which grows every month, I have increased the value and rent on an investment property, started an online business and also written a book “How To Enjoy Your Job“. I have also been inspired and met some amazing women, many of whom have created significant wealth during their time on the program. 

If you would like more information about the program, and to get your Free audio and report “The 7 Secrets of Millionaires” go to http://www.GirlsCreateWealth.com 

You can also read more testimonials of the changes women have made in their lives with this program, so you can see it is for people in all kinds of situations. 

Yes, it costs to join up – but investing in your financial future is critical for success, and the lessons you learn can make you far more money than it costs to join. 

You can find out more at www.GirlsCreateWealth.com 


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